Collaborative research

Companies and the Government units (defined as collaborating organization) can collaborate in the ongoing research under several models:

Statement of Interest – collaborate in defining the research topic and products.
Active Participation 1 – data sharing and beta site for specific research purpose.
Active Participation 2 – researchers’ involvement (from the organization).
Sponsorship – Actively sponsoring the research and defining the needed outputs.

Currently ongoing research

SE methodologies and processes for unsynchronized SoS, Weiler, Reuveni, Sitton

Research Papers

PDF icon  Planning of the Fuzzy Front End of Projects
          Michal Iluz/Rafael, Avraham Shtub/Technion, Yossi Melamed/Rafael

PDF icon  BrainSim – Systems of Systems Engineering Simulation a New Approach – Final Report
          Dr. Haim Assa/Tel Aviv University, Dr. Avi Ginzburg/Technion, Prof. Gil Yudilevitch/Technion