Sponsored Research Publications


Model-Based Diagnosis with FTTell: Assessing the Potential for Pediatric Failure to Thrive (FTT) During the Perinatal Stage, Natali Levi Soskin, Ron Shaoul, Hanan Kohen,

Ahmad Jbara, and Dov Dori

The Application of Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering, Avi Shtub, Itai Lishner

Instructional Robots and Strategies for Introducing High School Students to Internet of Things and Robot Learning, Igor M. Verner

BrainSim– Phase II – Final report, Avi Ginzburg, Gil Yudilevitch

INCOSE 2019 SUMMARY (HE), Avigdor Zonnenshain

Engineering the HSI, Avigdor Zonnenshain, Avi Harel

Do We Need to Develop a New Discipline of Human Systems Integration (HSI)?, Avigdor Zonnenshain, Avi Parush

2019 Summary – Formula Technion, Tal Lipshitz

Stakeholders’ organization driving sustainable transportation systems: comparative study of ridesharing cases, Sharon Shoshany-Tavory,  Yoram Shiftan

Towards Fusing Systems and Software Engineering: A Methodical Approach to Executable Integrative Modeling, Natali Levi Soskin, Stephan Marwedel, Ahmad Jbara, and Dov Dori


Quality management for Industry 4.0: redefining of the organizational quality system to meet the challenges of and benefit from Industry 4.0, Eitan Naveh

Robust forecast aggregation, Itai Arielia, Yakov Babichenkoa, and Rann Smorodinskya

Robustness of limit cycles in physical systems with applications to walking robots, Miriam Zacksenhouse

Lyapunov based estimation of the basin of attraction of Poincare maps with applications to limit cycle walking, Eric Sidorov, Miriam Zacksenhouse

Enhancing Model-Based System Engineering with Model Informativity Analysis, Inbar Zigdon Batan

Novelty and Model-based Systems Thinking as Expressed in Solutions to Design Problems, Rea Lavi, Yehudit Judy Dori, and Dov Dori

An Efficient Single-Session Spatial Skill Trainer for Robot-assisted Surgery: A Randomized Trial, Liel Luko, Avi Parush, Emad Matanes, Roy Lauterbach, Ayal Taitler and Lior Lowenstein

Competition and Complementation of Exploration and Exploitation and the Achievement of Radical Innovation:

 The Moderating Effect of Learning Behavior and Promotion Focus, Tali Hadasa Blank and Eitan Naveh

A Systemic Approach as a Perception for Managing to Success of Entrepreneurships in the High-Tech Industry (HE) – Arnon Katz, Avigdor Zonnenshain

Systems Thinking as an Engineering Language, Sigal Kordova, Moti Frank

Systems Thinking Education—Seeing the Forest through the Trees, Sigal Kordova, Moti Frank



INCOSE 2016 Summary (HE) – A. Zonneshain


Managing and Engineering Complex Technological Systems, Avigdor Zonnenshain, Shuki Stauber, Wiley Nov. 2015

Evaluating Complicatedness in Mechanical Design, T. Ben-Yehuda, A. Zonnenshain, R. Katz, , Procedia CIRP, Volume 36, 2015, Pages 41-47

A practical guide to assu8ring the system resilience to operational errors, Zonnenshain, A. and Harel, A. (2015),  INCOSE International Symposium, 25: 538–552.

Undivide and Conquer: On Selling a Divisible and Homogeneous Good, O. Levy, R.Smorodinsky, M. Tennenholtz. The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 2015, vol. 15, issue 1, pages 23


Incorporating Systems Engineering Methodologies to Increase the Transferability of Journey Planners, S. Shoshany-Tavory, A. Gal-Tzur, N. Eden. Transportation Research Procedia Volume 3, 2014, Pages 631–640

Presence-awareness: A conceptual model-based systems biology approach, Mordecai, Y.; Somekh, J.; Dori, D. Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC), 2014 IEEE International Conference on , vol., no., pp.996-1001, 5-8 Oct. 2014

Ex-Post Equilibrium and VCG Mechanisms R. Rozen, R. Smorodinsky ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation Volume 2 Issue 2, June 2014

Equilibrium and potential in coalitional congestion games, S. Kuniavsky & R. Smorodinsky. Theory and Decision 76 (1):69-79 (2014)

Implementation of Lean Engineering through Simulation Based Training, Shtub, Iluz, Gersing, Oehman, Dubinsky. PM World Journal Vol. III, Issue III – March 2014;

Conceptual Modeling of mRNA Decay Provokes New Hypotheses, Somekh J., Haimovich G., Guterman A., Dori D., Choder M. (2014). PLoS ONE 9(9): e107085.

Puzzling Exercises for Spatial Training with Robot Manipulators Verner I. M. Leibowitz D. Gamer S. Proceedings of the 2014 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-robot Interaction HRI ’14


Greediness and equilibrium in congestion games S.Kuniavsky, R.Smorodinsky. Economics Letters 121(2013)499–503

Peer and meta -assessment in a project-based large systems engineering course, N. Wengrowicz, Y. Dori, D. Dori. IAEA 39th annual conference (2013)

Spatial learning through operating and programming robotic systems,S. Gamer, I. Verner.  The Israeli Conference on Robotics ICR 2013 November 2013, Tel Aviv, Israel

Information elicitation and sequential mechanisms. Aricha, I., and R. Smorodinsky. International Journal of Game Theory 42.4 (2013): 931-946.

Design theory and conceptual design: contrasting functional decomposition and morphology with parameter analysis, Kroll, E. Research in Engineering Design 24.2 (2013): 165-183.

A Model-Based Approach to Unifying Disparate Project Management Tools for Project Classification and Customized Management. Ori Orhof, Aaron Shenhar, and Dov Dori,  INCOSE IS 2013

Types and Roles of Systems Engineers, Amit, Matalon, Shalgi and Zonnenshain, INCOSE IS 2013;

A Simulation-Based Approach in Support of Project Management Training for Systems Engineers, Cohen, Iloz and Shtub, Systems Engineering, Apr 2013;

Fostering Students’ Spatial Skills through Practice in Operating and Programming Robotic Cells, Verner, Gamer, and Shtub, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Volume 208, 2013, pp 745-752;

Characteristics of Student Engagement in Robotics, I. Verner, Chapter in Intelligent Robotics Systems: Inspiring the NEXT, Volume 376 of the series Communications in Computer and Information Science pp 181-194


Conceptual Model-Based Systems: Biology Mapping Knowledge and Discovering Gaps in the mRNA Transcription Cycle. Somekh J, Choder M, Dori D (2012). PLoS ONE 7(12): e51430

Approximately optimal mechanism design via differential privacy. Nissim, K., R. Smorodinsky, and M. Tennenholtz. Proceedings of the 3rd innovations in theoretical computer science conference. ACM, 2012

Privacy-aware mechanism design, K. Nissim, C. Orlandi, R. Smorodinsky:. EC 2012: 774-789

משאבי אנוש ספט-אוט 2012 עמ’ 12,שטאובר וזוננשיין ,הנדסת מערכות פנים רבות לה

SOS – A review of Systems engineering development methodology and processes for un-synchronized systems arrays , Weiler, Siton, Reuveni, Research Report 2012

Approximately Optimal Mechanism Design via Differential Privacy, Nissim, Smordinsky, and Tennenholtz, proceedings of The 3rd Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS) conference, 2012;

Growing Half-Balls: inimizing Storage and Communication Costs in CDNs, Bar-Yehuda, Kantor, Kutten, and Rawitz, ICALP 2012, Part II, LNCS 7392, pp. 416–427, 2012;

Notions of Connectivity in Overlay Networks, Emek, Fraigniaud, Korman, Kutten, and Peleg, SIROCCO 2012, LNCS 7355, pp. 25–35;

Risk-Oriented Systems Engineering: Integrating Risk into Systems Modeling with OPM, Y. Mordecai, D. Dori, Third International Engineering Systems Symposium CESUN 2012, Delft University of Technology, 18-20 June 2012;

H2 optimization for systems with adobe input delays: A loop shifting approach, Mirkin, Palmor, Shneiderman, Automatica 48 (2012) 1722–1728;

Approximately Optimal Mechanism Design via Differential Privacy, Nissim, Smorodinsky, Tennenholtz, ITCS January 8-10, 2012, Boston, MA;

A Quantitative Model for Fusing Cost and Time of Risks and Risk Response Action. Research Report. Weiler, Engel 2012


Model-based standards authoring, Blekhman, A., D. Dori, and R. Martin. 21st INCOSE International Symposium. 2011

Multi-Scale Stereo-Photogrammetry System for Fractographic Analysis Using Scanning Electron Microscopy, M. Khokhlov & A. Fischer & D. Rittel, Experimental Mechanics, Dec 2011;

Dead-Time Compensation for Systems With Multiple I/O Delays: A Loop-Shifting Approach, Mirkin, Palmor, Shneiderman, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATIC CONTROL, VOL. 56, NO. 11, NOVEMBER 2011;

Managing the Risks of Use Errors, Moshe Weiler and Avi Harel, 2011;

Integrated Task Assignment and Path Optimization for Cooperating Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles Using Genetic Algorithms, Shima Tal and Eugene Edison, Design Computers & Operations Research, 2011;

Axiomatic Modular System Design for Service-Oriented Products,Shpitalni Moshe and Eli Stiassnie, The 6th International Conference on Axiomatic Design. Daejeon, March 30-31, 2011;

A Capacity Optimized NoC for Multi-Mode SoC, Walter, E. Kantor, I. Cidon, and S. Kutten, Design Automation Conference (DAC), 2011

Graph-based Distributed Cooperative Navigation, Indelman, V., Gurfil, P., Rivlin, E., and Rotstein, H., Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation”, Shanghai, China, May 2011

Fast and Compact Self-Stabilizing Verification, Computation, and Fault Detection of an MST, Korman Amos, Shay Kutten, and Toshimitsu Masuzawa, 30th Annual ACM SIGACT-SIGOPS Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC’2011)

A Generalized Two-Agent Location Problem: Asymmetric Dynamics and Coordination, Golany and Kogan, J Optim Theory Appl (2011) 148: 336–363

MBSE research, S. Shoshany, Technion IL


Organizational risk management, M. Weiler and Y Arbetman, INCOSE IS 2010


Optimizing Electric Propulsion Systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Ohad Gur and Aviv Rosen, JOURNAL OF AIRCRAFT Vol. 46, No. 4, July 2009

SPR and ASPR Untangled, Rusnak and Barkana, 6th IFAC Symposium on Robust Control Design, ROCOND’09, Haifa, Israel, June 2009;

Improving Performance of PID Controllers Using Adaptive Control, Rusnak and Barkana, ;11th IASTED International Symposium on Control and Applications (CA 2009), Cambridge UK, July 2009.

A Systems Engineering Approach to Counter Terrorism, Hari, to be published in a volume entitled “The Dark Side of Creativity” by Cambridge University Press

A PROPOSED ROAD MAP FOR RESEARCH IN SYSTEMS ENGINEERING – Summary of brainstorming meeting, 2009


Tree Search Algorithm for Assigning Cooperating UAVs to Multiple Tasks Shima Tal and Steven J. Rasmussen, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2008;

Seeker Gyro Calibration Via Model-Based Fusion of Visual and Inertial Data, Goldshtein and Oshman, ;AIAA guidance, Navigation and Control Conference and Exhibit 2008;

Design Trends for Rotary-Wing Air Vehicles ,Rand and Khromov, The 25th Congress of International Council of the Aeronautical Science 2006

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