Lewin Day 19-20/1/2021

This is a remotely hosted virtual event.

Invitation and Program

Presentations of Lectures

DAY 1- 19.1.21

Opening- Live Recording

Dr. Yaniv Mordecai, MIT- Five Lessons from Two Decades of Failing and Succeeding in MBSE

Dr. Yaniv Mordecai, MIT- Live Recording

Eran Peleg, Metaphor- MBSE- Methodology, Challenges and Solutions

Eran Peleg, Metaphor- Live Recording 

Dr. Juan Navas, THALES GROUP- Lessons Learned from THALES on MBSE implementation in large-scale organizations

Dr. Juan Navas, THALES GROUP- Live Recording

Dr. Samuel Rochet, OBEO- Challenges and Practical Solutions  for MBSE

Dr. Samuel Rochet, OBEO- Live Recording

Troy Peterson, SSI- MBSE-The Challenges and Opportunities and the Practical Aspects of Implementing MBSE in Organizations

Troy Peterson, SSI- Live Recording

Experts Panel- Live Recording

DAY 2- 20.1.21

Talya Gazit, PwC- Will You Survive the Digital Evolution? (Hebrew)

Talya Gazit, PwC- Live Recording

Itay Peleg, IAI- From System Capabilities to Modules – Based on a Model

Itay Peleg, IAI- Live Recording

Ohad Snir, Kornit Digital- Automation Challebges and Opportunities in INDUSTRY 4.0

Ohad Snir, Kornit Digital- Live Recording

Shlomi Shraga, Systematics- Implementing Models and Simulation for Integrative Engineering

Shlomi Shraga, Systematics- Live Recording

Hanan Kohen, Technion- IoT Systems Development Aspects with Executable OPM Models

Hanan Kohen, Technion- Live Recording

Final Words- Prof. Yossi Ben Asher, Dr. Avigdor Zonnenshain- Live Recording

Dr. Avigdor Zonnenshain, Dr. Yaniv Mordecai, Eran Peleg- Summary